Collectors: Richie and Mary Belyski

Mary and Richie Belyski


00:00  It’s Belyski like Whiskey!

00:50  Everything is Pez!

01:05  Richie is the collector and Mary is the Enabler.  Or is she more than that?

02:05  She loves the Errors

03:00  How they fell in love with each other and Pez!

04:00  Richie started collecting in the early 90s   Started Newsletter in 95

He got to know Scott McWhinney    And then he started he NE Pez Convention

06:11  He had police at the first convention in 99

The next year he was in Stanford and it’s been there ever since

Early collecting was in magazines, The Toy Shoppe, fax and phone

07:55  The mailer is still happening  since 95  every other month

09:18  He now does a club and make it more fun

09:35  One   Where all the links to his offerings are!  All sorts of domains!

Still only $21!

12:45  A special addition Newsletter

14:20  Richie’s Dollar Pez story

16:00  You gotta Haggle!

17:00  Another story about the feet being sawed off

18:00  New collectors:  Tip on how to stay safe in purchasing

Oh no!  We’re talking purple ponys again!

19:00  Using John LaSpina’s guides

22:26  Let’s talk to Mary about the Cruise!  The Pez Cruise!  2003 and 2005, 2017

2019 out of Miami to St Thomas and Bahamas   Sept 22 – 29, 2019

Can only get the special pez if come on the cruise

24:56 ( Weird buzzing sound)

It’s about the Socializing!

26:00  Love on the last cruise  Lucy and Chris Caitlin Got married on the beach by Richie!

Megan Holly fell in love with Carlos amoungst the ruins!

27:45  Pez is about memories and friendships

28:11  Pez in the Sun this October

29:50  Support from Pez Company

Richie has built support over time

33:00  Thanks to Sean Peterson for his help – It’s a small company

34:00  Food product vs a toy

Being careful about licensing

36:30  Richie got Creative with Pez licening!  

Richie helped with many different products:  Jewlery, Cars, Vans, Museums, US Card Game

39:00  Their own collection

40:00  What pez penny machine would they have?  Bubbleman!

40:42  He tells a story about bubbleman and mail order

Steve Glew Misfits

42:45  How Misfits happen today

45:30  Collecting vs Hoarding!  J

46:50  Extras!  Thanks to a great buy out!

48:00  From Toys to just Pez

48:50  We talk Pop Pez

“The Thrill of the wait”

50:00  Andrea has a “talk” with a pushy woman at ToyRUs to get her Christmas pez last year

51:22  What is Richie’s favorite Pez flavor?

NE convention May 1-4 2019

Cruise Sept 2019

They make stands too!

54:00  Mary loves the Hunt!


56:00  He has a lot of Fat eared bunnies!!

Collecting something you like


57:00  Richie was also interviewed for the Playboy Steve Glew interview

57:33  Shows he’s been asked to do!


Totally Obsessed You Tube video:

FX studios collection program

Northeastern Pez Conventions


1:00:00 A lot of Closet Collectors out there!

There is not right or wrong way to collect

1:01:37  Tip to new collectors:  Be informed and have fun with it!

There are always more stories!

When he could walk through the Pez offices


COMING UP:  Pez in the Sun  Halloween weekend 2018

Limited Tee-shirts

Fliptop Preservation Society!


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