Collectors: Jil-marie and Dan Borchers

Sorry our sound got a little wonky this interview!

Collectors: Jil and Dan and the Sin City Pez Convention

00:00  Justin had a baby!

01:19 Welcome Jil and Dan to the show

01:41 Over 100 people coming!

02:10  How they met!  Who was the collector first? 

02:41  Originally from Chicago

03:44  Convention for the Enablers too!

04:40  Dan’s been collecting for over 20 years

05:05  Their first convention they went to

06:11  The first pez he bought her – It’s a good one!! & emotional

07:15  Do they keep in package or set them free?

07:35  Jill is looking for something special

08:30  What’s coming up at the Vegas Convention

10:00  What is the Pez March?

12:00  Registration is still open And there are absentee packets!

12:36  A creative new Pez Convention dispenser

13:20  What it takes to hold a convention – a lot of work!

16:17  The only convention west of the Mississippi

17:20  Keep your eyes out for cheap flight

17:35  Jill’s life size pez!  Her actual head got scanned!

19:00  We describe the shelf!    Can hold 75 dispensers!

21:00  They takes us on a trip around their collection

22:45  How they got started doing the convention

24:00  Photo booth!

24:30  The theme is the Olympics!

25:00  Did they collect anything else??

25:20  Dan’s brother also collects and Family help at the convention

26:10  More family members start attending

26:45  A little chat about the Pop pez

27:00  Finding pez East Coast vs West coast

28:25  Fun of the hunt – Dunkin donut truck story

29:15  The art of the room hunt

30:00  What is the delight

31:00  Date night looking for pez!

31:20  Are there more men collectors? 

33:00  Older folks too?

34:10  This convention is tailored for families

35:00  Their charity Opportunity Village

36:19  Auction  They are still taking things to be auctioned!

38:30  Pez Swag

40:00  The Pez playset  and playing with Pez

41:40  Family Feud at the convention  How they got the questions

44:10  Convention dates and info

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