Collector: Greg Potent - From The land Down under

Greg Potent

"A fair dinkum bonza natter with the Down Under Pez Hunter"

01:12  Where is Greg in Australia

02:09 How Collecting is different down in Australia – He hosts the gathering there

04:00  Perth is where there is more Pez action

04:26 He started with Star Wars Collecting

Daughter Rebecca

05:10  They are not toys!

07:00  Story of Pez – A good find!

08:00  His favorite Pez – trading with John LaSpina

09:15  He has family in Northern California

Story of the Pez Hunt

Kerstin Miller & Tammy

His wife Karen

Brent Johnson

Jessican and Juan at the Christmas Gathering

Met Landon and Brian

Glen Mendelson

14:00  The story of his wife Karen being mugged and how Pez helped

Sean Peterson

Patty Thomas from Vermont?

Heather Johnson (one of his best friends)

21:00 He’s never heard of a bloom’in onion!

Jim Blaine

21:30  Who has the accent??

22:00 And does Australia really exsist?? Justin Daughter had a question about toilets for Greg

25:00 Differences in Australia

27:00  A biscuit, cookie or scone?

Cory Goldstein

29:00  Shout out to his wife Karen

30:00  How he lives life!

32:00 How can we support the Australia collectors

38:30 Why Greg thinks important to keep the pez joy going

41:30  What you might find if you leave candy in a pez dispenser down under

And we go into Australian insects and animals!

44:00  His home is open to guests! 

Steve Bannister

Uwe from Germany

Facebook is the best way to get in touch with Greg!

46:15  Which pez would he want to sit down and talk with if he could?

A funny hockey story

49:30  Did you know he started the Queensland Curling Association? 

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Below pictures from Greg’s collection. The Beatles where made by Gloria Barnhart and His Pez room banner was made by his talented wife Karen!