Collector: Heather Johnson
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Heather Johnson

01:22  Coke or Pepsi?  And where is Tom from?

Andrea Coscia and Judy Mesler – Thank you for your questions!

02:20  Collecting since she was 5 years old

03:00 All about her Egg Babies!  It’s more than an army!

Jim Blaine, Dan Howard, Judy Mesler and many more have all contributed!

Kara Pack

Jim Williams

07:22  What do Uncle Sam and Sylvester Stallone have in common

09:00  Her pet love and her Foster/Rescue work

11:00 How it’s helped her children

13:00  The charity Pez made  (still available!)

20:00  Catastrophies!!  Or is it Kidastorphies?!   Asked by Jeanine Dakin Elwell

21:30  Pop Pez talk  In or out of the package

22:00  Heather our Pop resident expert!

23:40  Hunter or Gatherer?

25:30  The joy of talking with other collectors

28:00  Heather gives away a Pop collecting secret!  Or two or three!

34:30  Talking about Brian Mariotti

36:00 Lou Ferigno The Hulk

37:30  Heather’s personal challenges with Epilepsy

40:30  She the pied piper of Weird! And admin of Let’s Talk Pez page

44:30  Who is the Wallet??

48:00  Her wedding!

49:30  Maybe she’ll have another wedding on the Pez Cruise!

52:25  Her pride and joy pez that she’d never give away

Tom Zelmers daughter sold it to her!

Sue Davis made the Pez Fez

Keith Wells made the candy dispenser

54:30  Pez Collectors are welcome for a visit!

The wallet made the stands

55:30  Signed Stand by Me movie poster

56:50  She got her most wanted item at Pezamania!

(Andrea recommended a fantasy muppet set by Fever Blister and I bought it…. Couldn’t stop thinking about it!)

Joe Ferrelli makes pez -   Cryptoftoys (?) on Ebay

1:00:45  What Pop she specifically collects  700 worth!

01:01:48  What Golden Girl Is Thomas?

She trades with the Wiley’s in Michigan

01:03:44  She shows up at a lot of conventions – What is her advise now?

Pez collectors are worth it!

01:05:00  They are busy in their lives together!! 

Pez community helps their kids!

Sharing is Caring!

Come and give her a hug if you see her at conventions! 

Websites mentioned:

Pitties and Kitties Animal Rescue

Entertainment Earth

Toy Tokyo

Making Funko on Netflix

She’s the admin on Let’s talk Pez Facebook page with Kerstin Miller and Thomas Johnson


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