Collector: Matthew Tibbitts

Matthew Tibbits

1:00  From Rocklin CA

1:30  Where is his favorite place to buy them

02:27  What Matthew likes about the dispensers

03:00  Matthew’s first pez

04:50  Ebay caught his attention

05:00  Wanted to connect to other Pez collectors

05:34  What does Matthew study in School?

06:00  Working with special needs

06:20  Matthew talks about having Autism and visual and auditory processing disorder

07:30  What Matthew wants us to know about Autism

08:50  Shout out to Matthew’s parents and all they did to support Matthew!

09:53  Matthew is doing a blog

11:20  Matthew explains the markings on the stems

13:05  how Matthew does his research

14:22  He welcomes feedbacks!  He’s ready to learn and help others

15:30  What is Matthew’s favorite?   

16:20  He’s a runner!

17:34  He’s enjoying the Pop!Pez

18:30  Matthew’s mom is willing to go get them

19:30  How he picks topic for a blog post

20:00  He’s been to the Burlingame Pez Museum

20:30  Road Field trip to the Vistors Center!

21:30  Are we afraid to share with non-collectors l iike we are?

24:00  He’s started to collect the Funko Pop

25:10  Collector Questions

26:00 Ladies, he’s single! 

26:45  He has run with pez!

28:00  He’s enjoying college

29:00  How he displays his pez

31:45  His favorite vintage – Like Justin!

32:24  what is the one he’s looking for

34:25  Matthew asks us some questions!

39:00  Has he given any pez away?

39:40  He understands how the people are the important part of this hobby

41:00  Bring the conventions to the West Coast

45:00  Signature pez   Shout out to Sean Peterson, Jim Blaine and  Jeff Rosenberg

47:23  He shows us his most expensive Pez item

  Matthew’s blog  Inspired by Pez Pals blog

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And on Instagram  Pezheadforlife

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