Collector: Shawn Peterson


Shawn Peterson tells us about how he got the Pez Visitor's Center up and running!  Great info here!

Collector Shawn Peterson

1:30  Where Shawn is from

1:52  Started collecting in his late teens

The story of how he started

4:40  What is he looking for?

 7:00  Still trying to find some old pieces and he has!

8:33  A large amount of the Pez Vistors Center Display is Shawn’s collection!

9:00 They have the West Coast Chopper there

10:15  How did the Pez Vistors Center come about?  Started back in April 2006

He did a lot of research

It took a while to get them convinced

14:20  The space didn’t exist when he started!  He helped plan it!

15:30  Shawn had to go through his collection as he was the only one who knew it.  Of course!

He went down on weekends and set up by himself!

17:00  Where Pez helped to fill in his collection

18:00  Curt Alina

20:13  About his books  They took a lot of work!

22:00  He had to go through all the boxes as Pez so not to miss anything

24:00  His supportive wife

25:40  Fun Ad from The Pez Collection

26:00  What fires you up about your excitement of Pez

29:00 How does the Pez company pick what to put out?

34:00  We talk about the Crayola Set

34:45  West Coast vs East Coast deliveries

37:00  Sorry to see Toys R Us leave us

37:15  Keep asking your retailer for them to get pez!

39:15  They have them in 80 countries now! 

39:16  Andrea loved finding them minis in Japan

40:30  How do we know about events at the Visitor’s Center

42:00  What you get when you come visit the center!

43:00 How much time should I plan to spend in the center?

44:40  Does Shawn eat pez??  And his favorite.

46:00  Is there a sister visitor’s center in Europe?

48:00  Would you change anything in the Visitor’s Center?

52:00  Really research your purchases.  Learn about it.

57:00  Appreciation of the Visitor’s Center

Everyone can find a way to collect!    Everyone can Participate!


Thank you Shawn.

Find Shawn:  At the Visitor’s Center!    M-F   He’s not much on Social Media

Pez Visitors Center

His books on Amazon

and on the Pez site

His episode of Comic Book Men


Thank you to  for this picture! We think it is epic.

Thank you to for this picture! We think it is epic.

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