The Therapeutic Benefits of Pez

Therapeutic benefits of Pez – Why we collect these little adorable toys

Gives you a good feeling

5:00  Justin is packing his away.  How they have followed him through his life

06:17  A break from Adulting

07:30  When you find out you’re not alone

Paul Turley

09:30  The hard question as to “why do you collect”

10:15  Resourcing

10:30  Pez collecting and being obsessive

11:41  Permission to still be a kid while still being an adult

12:15  Justin talks about hitting rock bottom

We talk about suicide, depression and other hard places to be

And the options to get through it!

16:45  It’s ok to be sad and get support

17:10  The Pez family has brought so much joy to Justin

19:45  The power of story

21:25  Working through the past – Andrea talks about what Podcasting has taught her

23:30 Listening to our elders

25:00  People are as different as Pez!

25:45  Pez brings us together to help us talk about our differences

27:30  Justin and Andrea are meant to be together – in a Pez kind of way!

28:30  Growing our ability to hold discomfort and joy

30:00  Normalizing when you have to have a hard day – Going back and forth

33:00  Bringing it back to Pez

35:50  The making of good friends and feeling comfortable with getting support

37:10  Tell someone about our podcast


(note:  How many times did Andrea say “Absolutely”?  I lost count  LOL!)


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It’s so good to talk with each other!

It’s so good to talk with each other!