Updates: Pop!Pez, New Pez Dispensers, Michigan update

Updates Pop! and new things!

01:52  Pop! Pez

03:15  Leave a few for the hunters!!

04:35  Chases behind the counter!

05:15  Andrea makes a boo boo!  Don’t steal!

05:45  Theft stories!

07:45  What Pop pez are coming out

09:15  Mike Rowe we love you

09:40  Waves of Pops

11:16  Who’d mega man??

13:15  Freddy Funko

14:00  Lego minis should be Pop Pez!

14:45  Take them out or leave them in

15:00  Will you start collecting the Funko Pops?

15:45  Heather we look forward to talking with you!

16:15  New Pez coming

18:00  Andrea has a new concept for the flying reindeer

20:00  Grinch to the Max!

20:24  Sugar Cookie and Candy corn Pez – How does it taste? 

21:50  Are the Halloween mini’s this year?  We’re not sure.

22:50  Dad jokes!

23:29  Justin’s favorite:  Mickey Mouse

24:19  Stranger Things

26:15  Shopkin talk

27:00  Hockey pez is coming

28:15  Michigan update!! 

29:20  Steve and Lacey Ash

Terrence Lin

Jon Hicks

31:45  $15,000 for Camp Lake Louise

32:15  The theme of next year

33:00  What items would you like to see us offer you?

33:15  Plug for ALL of the conventions, Shout out for Auction items!

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