Collector: Jim Blaine

Jim Blaine Pez Collector.png

Just your average Pez collector guy


2:00  How would you recognize Jim – his Tattoos

2:45  How long Jim has be collecting and how he started

4:50  The hook of collecting is the community

5:35  Jim’s pez army and his friends Armies  Heather  Johnson & Judy Melser

9:10  How did he start swapping Pez

11:36  From Dealer to A Host of the Michigan Convention (With his wife Jody!)

17:20  Crocks and Sock at last years Convention

22:00  Shout out to Frank Mumfort and the Whylies,  The Ash’s, - Amazing Friends

23:30  Yahoo forum and FB – Let’s Talk Pez, Pez Community, Pez for Sale, Pez auction page

24:38  Charity work while at the Pez Convention

Camp Lake Louise

27:00  Giving the kids a pez dispenser each!

29:00 Sponsor – Dave from Doc Sweets' Candy Company

30:00  Sponsor the Camp Lake Louise

32:18  This year in August.  Next year in June.

Pez Pal Blog is awesome

34:34  Meeting the Pez Outlaw  (look for pics on Let’s Talk Page)

45:00  Jim has just walked into his pez room  And there is the ARMY!!

48:40  Jim’s Melts

51:00  The shelving that Jim and his Dad made

They make custom candy pack displays 

Custom Cuts on the Pez Stem

54:00 The Pez community knows so much more than I

55:00  What is a buyout?

57:00  The Patient wife

58:00   His Son the big Christian

1:00:00 reach out to Jim     Aug 16 - 18, 2018   

Thank you to Jim for your time and your big heart!

Thank you and shout out to the Facebook Let's talk Pez community!

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