Collector: Rick Marlowe talks to us about PezamaniA '18

Rick Marlowe.png

Interview with Rick Marlowe


2:00 How he started his collection

3:12  Easier to load the older candy

4:00  We’re getting to have banana pez candy

5:00  His football collection and who they are signed by

6:50  Growing up in Toledo, Ohio

8:02  Pezamania – How Rick started working on it

10:10  Rick get the feels about the Pez Family

11:11  Their Charity:  The Gliding Stars

Pez collectors have helped them raise close to ¼ million dollars for them

14:00  They will take whatever they can for the auction.  Get in touch with them on the Pezamania Facebook Page

16:30  It’s all about the people  He welcomes them all!

17:25  The Dealers are fantastic

17:55  The staff at the hotel are a big part of the convention

18:54  65 rooms open for room hopping this year!

48 dealers are setting up on Saturday and we’re at max (thanks to the fire department)

20:00  Be a Sweeties

22:00  The Hurleys are donating 2 paintings

Carl Web and his custom wooden pens – 6 are up for auction!

23:00  Next year is the 30th year!  And you will want to be there

26:00 Starting a pez convention is a gamble

28:00  Qualifying why we collect pez.  Head down to Ricks basement

29:48  Rick shows us the Pezamania pez dispenser for this year!

We got long card this year!!  And Banana candies

31:31  The relationships you build over time

32:45  It’s a big family at Pezamania

Who you need to meet!

34:00  Are there more Men or Women Collectors?

35:30  The Wallet

36:00  Mike Chadwick – Ricks Mentor for collecting

The story of how they met

About Integrity

And the love for the Hobby

42:00  Finding a Donald Duck

The excitement of the Hunt

44:00  His Highlight of the Convention

Rick gets the feels again  And there is a drinking game about it!

46:38   Registration is still open  Has to get to him by the 20th if mailing it!!

Pezamania FB page