Pez Anatomy 101


Justin and Andrea break down the parts that make up a Pez Dispenser!

Pez Anatomy Podcast

00:45  Talking about collections  We’re getting excited and learning so much!

1:30  Jealous of the East Coast – they get so much stuff

2:15  Andrea brings her Jack Jack pez to the opening of The Incredibles 2.   And who she met

4:00  Andrea cant’ pronounce Anthropomorphize!  LOL!

4:45  Justin will be showing his collection at his local library!

Put in a picture of Justin with his computer

6:00  So many types of Collectors out there. 

Justin started with the Garfield collection and looking for variation

7:56  Brent Beezer and his international collection her curates with is daughter

9:50  Andrea pulls a bag from her collection – 8 various one

10:30  We talk the Anatomy of the pez dispenser

-       Stem

-       With Pin (old ones used to be steel) 

-       Sleeve

-       Feet/No feet

-       Spring

-       Head

-       Button

-       Pin

-       The Spine - The Channel

-       The Kicker/The Pusher

-       Shoes

-       Melt Marks

-       Die Cut Stem

We talk about a bald pez pal, Yappy Dog, Panda, Spiderman, Raven, Tasmanian Devil,

28:10  Do not store with a rubberband or you will get a melt mark on your stems!

31:00  Check to see if you pez are truly vintage/no feet by looking at the bottom

31:40  We don’t talk about pricing. It’s worth what you will pay.  Head to conventions to talk to dealers. 

33:00  Justin talks about his favorite pez – the psychedelic eye

Why is called a yappy dog?

Do you know any stories about when they started feet?


Got a good story about acquiring a favorite pez? 

Your thoughts/ideas/facts?  Come to our FB page or write to us!

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