Pezamania Wrap Up


Pezamania Wrap up


1:00  Andrea got the Con Crud

1:30  Justin’s story this week

1:45  Sharon and Jerry Went

4:00  Andrea’s adventure getting to Pezamania

7:00  Unique Games

9:00  Room Hopping

10:00  Is Andrea a Hunter or a Gatherer?

12:30  Justin shares a secret

13:00  Lots of Tie Dye

13:30  First timer mistake

14:00  Andrea gets her Most wanted Pez 

17:45  Andrea noticed something even after all these years

19:15  The look of Joy 

21:00  Shout out to Keith Roland

21:40  Game night

22:40  How much they raised for the Gliding Stars

24:24  Working together on the Scavenger Hunt

26:27  Lets talk about Swag and how it started

27:17  Lego Heart Pez by Time and Jeanine Elwell, from Savannah GA

28:30  Who won PHOTY 18?

31:00  Justins is working for the Golden Gonzo

31:30  Shout out to Sean Curynski and his unique collection

33:40  Fun story with Sean Peterson and Andrea’s Double! 

34:41  Pezamania 19 is going Camping

35:00  Was there anything that was wrong with the convention

37:25  A small recommendation

37:47  Didn’t get to Be a Sweeties!

38:00  Upcoming Pez Conventions.  Get to one!!

39:15  Egg baby story!!

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