Star Wars Stories


This Episode is dedicated to the birth of Justin's daughter, born 8/9/18


STAR WARS – a sound effect loaded episode!


00:00  This is the pez you are looking for

00:45  Thank you to everyone who have been listening


02:11  Andrea wanted to work at Industrial Light and Magic (ILM)

03:38  What does Andrea say about working in the film industry

04:50  Andrea met the myth busters guys!

05:17  An exciting phone call for a pez signing!

06:45  Shout out to Producer Paul Hill and PA Erin Collins Butler for another great signature!

08:00 Rob Colmen scores me another great signature! (Yoda)

11:10  Protect your signatures!  James Earl Jones is disappearing

12:38  How to do you talk about Pez?

13:15  Justin’s kids talk about his collection

13:42  Other ways to get signatures

14:42  Validating the signature

15:20  Justin has another type of collection

16:45  Justin gets the most exciting signature ever!

17:45  How Andrea kept the stem open for signatures.

19:45  Does anyone know if a picture of the the

20:00  Andrea carries a special pez in her car 

20:45  Harrison Ford are you grumpy?

21:10  We need some Osmond Pez to sign in Utah!

21:45  Different Chewbaccas

22:50  Pez tins special collections  What do you know about it?

24:00  Andrea only puts up the Light

24:30  Star Wars Crystals  what makes them collectible?  Yes we want to know

27:00  What Star Wars meant to Andrea

28:26  Industrial Light and Magic

29:40  Don’t be afraid to ask!  Justin’s risk

32:00  The Big R2D2 and Andrea makes a discovery!

32:43  Loading the big Dispensers

34:30  We want to see your large dispensers

36:00  What does Andrea think of Solo

36:30  The whole family gets involved

37:30  Spoiler about the Death Star

38:00  Have you seen Star Wars?

39:00  Andrea is in one of the Star Wars movies

40:00  What pez does Justin think Andrea should sign?


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